The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

October 13, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012

Rahall has no respect for W.Va. voters

 In 2008, West Virginia voters voted overwhelmingly to nominate Sen. Clinton for president. But Rep. Rahall announced that he would support Sen. Obama. Obama stated that coal-fired power plants could be built, but he would bankrupt the utility with environmental regulations.

Rahall still supported Obama, knowing full well this would throw the UMW under the bus and cause large numbers of miners to be unemployed and the closing of supporting businesses

Rahall reported, with no obvious concern, to West Virginia that the EPA was only doing its job in shutting down coal-fired power plants and terminating mining leases previously approved.

President Obama passed Obamacare with Rahall’s enthusiastic support. But his that support ended when it was suggested that Rahall and his family be subjected to the same medical program. Rahall must believe that the medical care available to him and his family in D.C. is vastly superior to medical care in West Virginia. You would think that Rahall would want to personally experience the medical system in West Virginia so he could more fully understand the pros and cons of the medical care available to his constituents.

Rahall, as a subcommittee chairman, was instrumental in drafting legislation permitting drilling on federal lands that had little or no oil and gas. His legislation prohibited drilling where oil and gas is abundant. Rahall seems to forget that West Virginians need jobs in West Virginia, not jobs in oil producing countries that hate our guts.

Rahall has been instrumental in eliminating thousands of energy jobs in West Virginia and forcing West Virginia to subject its citizens and businesses to Obamacare.

Rahall has ardently supported President Obama and his EPA appointees, while his most ardent West Virginia supporters are thrown out of work by the thousands. Who or what influences make Rahall disrespect West Virginia and West Virginians so much? Is it not time to elect someone who supports West Virginia, her people and is willing to tell D.C. “chill out” and “no”?

Frank W. Tuckwiller


Take a chance on a new face

I work an average of 110 days per year in my office (2.1 days per week). I take two month-long vacations per year, plus substantial time off that is not counted in my vacations. I also take off about two months just before my contract expires to network to get rehired.

I have an immediate personal staff that costs you an average of $2.2 million per year (costs me nothing). I pay nothing for my offices or their equipment/utilities/mail. I have at my beck and call an additional 25,000 people to do research for me on virtually any subject.

I have a government-funded retirement plan, free health care, subsidized or free government travel. I appear to accomplish virtually nothing except to stand in the way of any progress or movement of my company in any direction and yet get rehired almost every time my contract expires.

Regardless of my financial situation when I get this job, I almost always leave much, much more wealthy. I have an inside track on what companies may make money or lose money from my and my fellow workers’ actions, so I know when to invest and when to diversify. I also get to keep the unused money given to me to help me get rehired.

“Please support me at my next contract expiration. I’d really hate to lose this job.”

What am I? Why, your local congressman or senator, of course.

We deserve the government we vote into office. Think before you vote.  Take a chance on a new face.

Tim Thomas