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February 27, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013

Will be casting a vote for the ‘little people’

It’s time for the little people to speak up, stand up and get together.

The trend for today is the same as yesterday. Prices going up and our salaries are going down. So take our guns, our dignity, and our rights to surroundings, because as Americans, they are quickly leaving us.

The controlling rich companies in our country will never pass a break to the working class little people.

We need to get our little people back into running this country.

Robert Byrd came from the little people and he always remembered where his roots began. So lets start putting the little people back in control.

Senator Rockefeller is leaving his office so lets fill his position with one of the little people and not some person controlled by the rich.

The little people have my vote, what about yours?

From one of the little people.

Curtis Gunnoe


Support from Sheetz is much appreciated

KSI Sports in Beaver thanks Sheetz Inc. for their generous support of our “It’s So Shweet” youth indoor soccer tournament the first two years of its inception. Sheetz is a great partner. They have donated free food and drink coupons for all kids and coaches participating from all over the state of West Virginia and various door prizes both years. They are a wonderful asset to our local community and we encourage all our neighbors to support their business.

John & Mari Foster

Owners, KSI Sports


Epling is good for the Raleigh Commission

In reference to the recent meeting of the Raleigh County Commission, one can only infer that Pat Reed’s toad-like silence can only be interpreted as guilt. Her impervious demeanor during the accusations simply speaks volumes of her conduct.

Fortunately, Kay Epling is a refreshing face for this county. Her spiritual moorings, abhorrence to limelight and dedication to improving Raleigh County will benefit all. Hopefully, we can find many more like her.

Dave Baker


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