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April 30, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Homosexuality is an emotional illness

President Obama in his presidential campaign came out for gay marriage while he was in California. He received the largest sum of campaign money raised in one night.

There was a disease called tuberculosis. It killed a lot of people and a few were called TB carriers. The carriers were loved but the disease was hated. That is the way I feel about homosexuality. The people are loved but the illness I hate and I feel that it is an emotional illness. God said love your brothers, he did not mean have sex with them unless they are husband and wife. I read in the Bible that I have, that God said when man lay down with man and woman lay down with woman one shall be taken up. God stated one not two. I believe this was to discourage sexual deviation.

The Catholic Pope said that the children were losing their gender identity. He also stated that the homosexuality in the clergy was an American problem.

The entertainment industry has been used by the lesbians and homosexuals to influence children’s emotional development by promoting sympathy, compassion, and tolerance for the sickness.

I believe the entertainment industry should not romanticize, idolize or promote deviant behavior to the children during their adolescence. Adolescence is the child’s emotional development that in the past lasted until they were about 21 years of age. Homosexual propaganda should not be advertised in the media.

I read in a magazine that children’s tolerance or approval of deviant sex had risen by so many percent since the last survey. This has to be caused by the entertainment media and homosexual propaganda.

Deviants write books, movies, plays and design clothes for their sexual taste. Lesbians are more of a problem then male homosexuals because society does not recognize them as a threat to the moral social environment of children. Anything that breaks down the natural growth of children with their biological parents to protect, love and teach them is immoral.

Gays should not hold any position to make policy that could break down the family unit. They should not be allowed to donate money or vote or elect representatives. They should not be identified by the media.

We need an equal education amendment in our constitution. We need a children’s right movement and a law eradicating pornography.

If you love your children you will behave. Families that work, play and pray together stay together. This is my opinion.

William M. Flanagan


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