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March 27, 2013

Our Readers Speak - Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Use taxes for elderly; put inmates to work

On March 21, I read in the newspaper that our government is trying to take more out of my paycheck (in taxes) to support the over crowded jail system. Like many, I barely make enough to support myself. I work two full-time jobs just to barely make ends meet.

Recently, I had to be admitted to the hospital and was discharged after being told that I made too much money to qualify for assistance and not enough money to afford insurance, so I wasn’t covered for wound care, that I only qualified to be in a stable condition and then be discharged.

I usually eat one meal a day, if that, because of the way that I work. I never get to go to the gym. Recently I saw a post on Facebook, to put the elderly in jail that they would get great medical attention, constant supervision, three warm, healthy meals a day and daily showers; unlike some of the attention they get in nursing homes.

I believe that our government should put these inmates out here on a chain gang. Make them really pay for their crimes committed. In West Virginia alone look at all of the roads that need fixed. Put these inmates to work. There are so many other jobs that I can think of that they can do.

I would gladly give up my tax money to support some elderly person that did not willingly get into the condition they are in.

Why should my tax dollars go to better the life of an inmate when their life is already better than mine. And no one needs to say that I have my freedom. I work! I work eight to 16 hours a day, seven days a week between two jobs just to survive. I pay for my own cable and Internet. I sleep usually less than four hours a day. I go to work sick because I can’t afford medical attention. I sit at work hungry because I can't afford to eat out or pack a healthy meal. But I make too much money for any assistance.

Who is trapped here?  

Sarah Hall


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