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March 25, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Monday, March 25, 2013

Teachers deserve less criticism, more thanks

Over the last several weeks, we have all heard about how Gov. Tomblin’s teacher reform bill would change education. The changes he is suggesting would put less qualified people in teaching positions, which would ultimately hurt the students. I feel like the bill is bashing teachers.

In any profession, there are always some people who outperform others, and that is the same with teachers. We never seem to hear about the wonderful teachers who go above and beyond to help their students. There are teachers who stay late or come to school on the weekends to help struggling students, and they are NOT paid for their extra time.

There are teachers who sponsor clubs that have activities on the weekends, and these teachers do not ask for additional money. They do these things on their own time because they love teaching and want to help their students.  

What about the coaches? Some of the coaches are paid a little; others are volunteers because sports mean so much to the students. It is unbelievable how many students sign up for sports, and the parents cannot or do not have transportation for the students to get home from games or practices. Many of these athletes stay after school without money for food after practice or a game. Guess who buys these kids something to eat and makes sure they have a way home? It’s a coach or another parent. Why do coaches, teachers and parents do this? Because they care about the kids. That’s why they went into teaching to begin with; they want to help kids.  

Instead of criticizing teachers so much, I think, as parents, we should try to help them. I am thankful for many of the teachers my children have had.  

Patty Treadway


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Our Readers Speak