The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

March 24, 2013

Our Readers Speak - Sunday, March 24, 2013


Fundraisers offer us privilege of helping

In response to the parent who has problems with fundraising in public schools, I also have children at Daniels Elementary and I know the fundraisers can be frustrating. But they are optional and your child will never be ostracized for not participating.

My daughter had the privilege of taking in some coins for the llama project and she was so happy to help people in need. The project taught our children about giving to those who are less fortunate. The children did a unit on clothing and read several llama books, so the project went hand-in-hand with activities they worked on in class.

I’m sorry if your child has been sick, but most children do stay sick during their first exposure to a lot of others’ germs. This cannot be avoided, but will help your child build a better immune system. I am sure that the staff at Daniels does a great job keeping the building clean and the germs down. Teachers actually spend a lot of their own time and money by buying Clorox wipes and cleaning the desks themselves.

West Virginia does mandate what snacks come into the schools. It is not the school’s fault that they have to monitor the snacks. I have been disappointed that I could not send in yummy snacks, but we have to learn to follow the guidelines. Fruits and vegetables make very healthy and fun snacks.

The strawberries, bananas and grapes went along with Dr. Seuss week. Our children were making the hat with the fruits. I am pleased that we have such a wonderful teacher who incorporates so much into her lessons and makes great learning experiences for our children. I was thankful to contribute to my daughter’s education by sending snacks.

I have experience with both public and private schools. Private schools do many fundraisers because they have no outside funding. I hope you will consider all this and realize you are fortunate to have a great school to send your children to. There will always be the need to raise money or to send items in for the classrooms, but we need to be positive role models for our kids. We are teaching them to be team players and to give as needed.

Laura Ferguson


Police substation should be manned

A meth lab! How can this happen next door to a police station and a school across the street? (God Forbid)

I don’t understand why this station is not manned at all times. What are they using it for, storage? I thought a substation was supposed to have somebody there at all times. Wasn’t that why it was put there?

The people knew that there was nobody there. At least concerned citizens got involved in the area.

Betty Pemberton