The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

March 17, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Sunday, March 17, 2013

Open letter opposes all gun control laws

Open Letter to Senator Joe Manchin, Senator Jay Rockefeller, Congressman Nick Rahall and Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, and media.

I am totally against any new gun control laws and/or ammunition or gun magazine or clip restrictions. I don’t own a high capacity gun and/or clips but the time is coming when we will need them to protect ourselves. It can easily be determined that the coming of Drug Lords, terrorist attacks and increased criminal activities, etc., are just around the corner. Leave gun owners and our means to protect our families and our neighbors out and our freedoms alone. Some of the so-called gun control laws that are on the books now should be repealed.

I absolutely will not support or vote for anyone who is in favor of any gun control legislation — whether it is their domestic gun control agenda or through their support for gun confiscation schemes in the U.S by foreign countries by way of the U.N. or whatever. Wouldn’t hostile foreign countries, terrorists, thugs and criminals be happy if U.S. citizens were disarmed? Wow.

Another fact that is almost absent in the media is that guns in the hands of citizens are used hundreds of thousands of times each year to save innocent lives and prevent crime.

Regarding school shootings, since the demonic murderers’ motives are unknown until they come to do their evil attack, the only way to stop them is on site. Someone needs to be on site at that moment with firepower to take the attacker down and protect innocent lives. Someone on all school property should be trained, armed and prepared at all times for these terrible situations. It’s the only solution.

Oh, by the way, I just learned that there were 36,200 automobile deaths in the U.S. in 2012. This isn’t including the hundreds of thousands of injuries. I wonder if the banners have given any thought to banning automobiles?

In closing, I wish to commend Raleigh County Sheriff Steve Tanner for his courage and sound judgment regarding our constitution and the Second Amendment. Keep up the good work, Sheriff Tanner. You’re not alone; there are well over 100 other sheriffs around the country who have made similar commitments.

Ed Bostic

Sinks Grove


Violence in America has numerous causes

I have been reading all the different views on gun control these last two months. I will agree that the Sandy Hook School shooting was a sad day in America.

Do guns kill people? No, but guns in the hands of “hoodlums” do. Do cars kill people? Yes, but they have to be driven by someone and a lot of times that someone is a drunken driver. Are we going to eliminate cars and alcoholic beverages? Of course not.

Abortion kills unborn children by the millions and it is called “a woman’s right.” So is abortion going to stop? I would like to think America will wake up and stop this murderous act.

There is too much violence on television and video games for children to watch. Hollywood is to blame for much of the violence that takes place in America.

Maybe if we were to put prayer back in schools, paddles in teachers’ hands instead of guns, and parents start teaching their children right from wrong at home, just maybe things would change.

J.E. Shafer