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July 11, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Friday, July 11, 2014

Moral role models needed for children

In the 1984 Olympics there was an opening for the host nation, the USA, to include a new event. I believe Linda Ronstadt was trying to get roller-skating as a summer event. Her concert souvenir book has a picture of her on roller-skates.

I’ve collected her memorabilia for years. I have a May 16, 1978, “US” Magazine with an article, “The Governor and the Rock Queen.” The governor was running for president. His staff had its own anxieties. Speculation that Jerry Brown is homosexual has persisted since his gubernatorial campaign. Brown denies that he’s gay and points out anytime you’re a single person in politics, that’s something people might say.

Brown signed a law decriminalizing marijuana and another permitting sexual freedom between consenting adults, helping to destroy moral social environment of children. When Brown returned to the California governor’s office, he gave his approval of same-sex marriage.

The attorney general under Bill Clinton was on TV proclaiming her homosexuality. She kept Bill from being impeached with the help of the House of Representatives. Bill’s actions as president destroyed the moral presidential role model for the children.

My ideal has become President Nixon. The more I learn about him, the more I admire him for trying to protect the children’s moral social environment by preventing the sale of pornography. We need laws preventing sexual display in front of children. If seen by adults, it will be seen by children. Nixon was intelligent and understood morality and had the moral integrity to try to do something about it for children.

All children deserve their biological parents to love, protect and teach them.

We need an equal education amendment added to our Constitution, a children’s rights movement to protect the family unit and a law putting children’s needs before adult wants.

Families that work, play and pray together stay together.

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Our Readers Speak