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July 3, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Thursday, July 3, 2014

That ‘something is just not right’ feeling is real

“Ending” a war is NOT an option for ending a war, even if you call it “responsible.” You either win a war or you lose it. Until one of those two conditions happens, it’s not over.

The Global War on Terrorism is a hybrid. We are not fighting another country, we are fighting terrorists. No uniforms, no rules (for them) and no expectations of civility.

Although the term ”Global War On Terrorism” has been deemed politically incorrect, it most definitely exists and has recently shifted into high gear. I fear the powers that be are more concerned about hurting people’s feelings and politics than defending our way of life.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is not an option in this case because Western reason has nothing in common with the perverted mind set of our enemy. It is honorable to lie to achieve their goals. They do not want peace — they want us dead or on our knees with no compromise. As infidels, we are seen as cattle.

Make no mistake, this war that we do not acknowledge will be fought by our children’s children. The only decision we have to make is when we want to get serious about it and where it will be fought.

So, do I think we should get back involved in Iraq? Not right now. Besides being rudderless, the current administration is clueless and incompetent at best. The president is allowing this “man-caused disaster” to happen and will allow the same thing in Afghanistan.

The price for HIS responsible surrender in Iraq is being paid for by those who can at least defend themselves. I have been tempted to think that the near 10,000 dead we have lost since 9/11 have been in vain. Not yet.

Until adults are back in the White House, we must do what we can to strengthen our homeland. I suggest starting with a controlled border instead of installing moving sidewalks. A country with open borders is not a country ... for long.

That “something is just not right” feeling you have in your gut is real. Do not forget it when it’s time to vote in just a few short months. Compassion and compromise are perceived only as weakness to our enemies, but what difference does that make to the dead?

Paul Dorsey

Green Valley

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