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June 15, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Sunday, June 15, 2014

Furfari’s column still filled with errors

Mickey Furfari’s column, published by The Register-Herald on Sunday, June 8, repeats errors from previous columns that we have sought to have corrected before.

Specifically, in his latest column Furfari says:

“The institution’s legal representative has only five business days in which to provide the requested 20 years of academic annual averages for WVU’s wrestling program. Those are required by the NCAA each year ... ”

As noted in our statement of May 16, it is incorrect to assert that the Freedom of Information Act requires that information sought be produced within five days.

What the Act does require is that the institution respond within five days.

That response can be anything from providing the information to saying that more time will be needed to denying the request, and listing the reasons for denial.

WVU did respond within five days, providing Mr. Furfari with the three years of GPA data that were in the Athletic Department’s possession. Subsequently WVU provided an additional three years, for a total of six years. WVU does not have 20 years worth of averages.

Also, as noted on May 16, his assertion that the NCAA requires that those averages be reported is incorrect. The NCAA does not require “academic annual averages” for any intercollegiate program, but requires reports on academic progress.


John A. Bolt

Director, University


West Virginia University


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