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June 8, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Sunday, June 8, 2014

Public prayers are not unconstitutional

This ol’ boy is just plain sick with speakers at any event that pray or thank God for what they have. More to the point, I despise the people that ridicule them.

Now there is a group that is claiming that “In God We Trust” on our money is unconstitutional.

If I told you that there are two business groups that pray before every day before they begin work, one of 435 and the other of 100, crazy, right? Now what if I told you the 435 members of Congress and the 100 senators pray before the start of each session?

Well, it is true! I know I said “business”; well, politics IS nothing but big business.

Priest, reverend, rabbi or vicar, each says a prayer in the morning, asking for God’s blessing and guidance! Oh, no! What about separation of church and state? Guess what, nowhere in our Constitution does it say that. Now y’all are going to say, what about the First Amendment! What about it? Read it! It does NOT say there should be a “separation of church and state.” It says the United States of America shall NOT have A state religion. Plain and simple English.

The debate comes from a series of letters Thomas Jefferson wrote to some Baptist ministers in Boston years after he left the White House, stating that in retrospect, there should have been a separation clause.

Guess what? Should have is not did have.

So, gentle reader, “In God We Trust” and prayers at school and before sporting events are not unconstitutional. Far from it. God Bless America, again, please!

Woodrow K. Brackens


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