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May 25, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Sunday, May 25, 2014

Veterans fortunate to have Beckley VA

Robert Petzel of Veterans Affairs resigned due to problems concerning VA patient care. My friends and family members have earned the privilege of utilizing the Beckley VAMC. No negative comments have been voiced regarding lack of respect, poor scheduling or insufficient medical care.

Positive comments concerning staff and dedicated volunteers have been spoken. Medical anonymity, comfortable environment, and familiar “family-like greetings” are mentioned.

Several years ago the hospital was going to be reduced in size and services. Sen. Byrd, Sen. Rockefeller and Congressman Rahall were our elected officials in Washington at that time.

They voiced loud opposition toward this hostile action aimed directly at individuals that earned the designation of “veteran.” Insufferable physical and mental abuse to veterans and the families of veterans became a very real possibility. Decreased funding would certainly have had an adverse effect on the local economy.

Perhaps because of the political maneuvering and expertise of these three honorable individuals, the veterans hospital has gained positive attention from Washington. Continuing structural improvements, a variety of specialized departments and innovative outpatient/in-patient care have been ongoing.

Female and male veterans are fortunate to have Beckley VA Medical Center providing quality care.

Donna Platter


Thanks for help with Fayette BOE banquet

The Fayette County Board of Education celebrated its third Service Personnel of the Year Banquet on May 8. This was a team effort on the part of the school system, the business community and Fayette County school employees.

Thanks to this cooperative effort from all of these diverse groups, we were able to recognize several excellent county employees.

We want to thank the following people and groups for their donations, help and cooperation. Hopefully, we did not leave anyone out because everyone’s help was essential.

Thank you all.

Bella’s Bleu Cupboard, Bessie’s Floral, Blue Smoke Salsa, Bob Dickerson of Mountaineer Coal Creations, Cathedral Café, Domino’s, Dwight Dials (keynote speaker);

Fayette County School Service Personnel Association, Fayette Institute of Technology, Fayette County Service Staff Development Council, Gino’s/Tudors, Linda Cole (judge), Los Vaqueros, Mark Skaggs (judge);

McDonald’s of Fayetteville, New River Jetboats, Pies and Pints, The Register-Herald, Sheetz of Fayetteville, Vicki Lagos (judge), Wild Flour Bakery, West Virginia State Service Personnel Association, Wisteria Gifts

David Seay

Child Nutrition Director Fayette County Schools

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