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March 5, 2013

Our Readers Speak - Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Firearm restrictions rarely turn out good

I want to thank Sheriff Tanner for standing up for Raleigh County, America and the Constitution. He and several other sheriffs across the country have taken a stand against a possible federal encroachment on the Bill of Rights.

I can understand the reaction to the tragedy that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, Conn., but making certain types of firearms illegal for the average citizen will not deter criminals from getting firearms they want. As Sheriff Tanner pointed out, it has nothing to do with the tool used to commit the violence but the intent of the user.

Our lawmakers need to think logically, get all the facts and leave emotion out of it, when writing bills that affect us all. When this isn’t done, the bills are usually not only unconstitutional, but also unenforceable. Has anyone ever read about prohibition?

Laws like this usually increase criminal activity. We certainly don’t need a government agency running all over the country creating more incidents like Ruby Ridge and Waco. Instead of curbing violence, more would be created, and at the government’s hand.

I urge everyone to be leery of political officials who want to limit any of our rights, especially the Second Amendment. In past history where firearm rights have been limited or outright denied, it rarely turned out good for the populace.

In my opinion it has never been about gun control, it’s just about control. An article I read recently stated that the Department of Homeland Security was going to purchase 7,000 AR-15 rifles with the dreaded 30-round high capacity magazines. That part of the article didn’t surprise me, but when I read the rifles would be used as personal defense weapons that did.

This is a perfect example of a double standard. Firearms the government wants to restrict from the average citizen because they serve no practical purpose, is what they want for personal defense.

A recent news report said Congress is working on a bill to stop illegal trafficking of firearms. I think our lawmakers should give up their current profession and become stand-up comedians because that’s funny stuff. Not so long ago our Justice Department allowed how many guns across our southern border? Oh that’s right, the true details never saw the light of day. So, if they want to crack down on firearm trafficking, they need to first look in the mirror.

Bill Fraley


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