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March 5, 2013

Our Readers Speak - Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Who is orchestrating these high gas prices?

It may be of interest to local folks that a conductor of one of the world’s greatest orchestras has moved into the vicinity of Beckley.

“Who?” you say. I have no idea, but it would seem to me to be the only way that such coordination of gasoline price changes could be accomplished. The timing of gas prices going up is only equaled by the timing of, say, the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra.

If a dealer increases his prices (which seems to happen every time somebody in the Middle East gets their panties in a wad), the synchronization of others doing the same is nothing short of astounding and would lead one to presume that the whole thing is orchestrated by someone trained in the dexterity of the baton.

One may propose that a mere telephone call could accomplish this feat. “Nay, nay,” I say. The mere time it takes to actually dial the number to so many dealers would make this so prohibitive that a person could actually dash to another dealer and fill up his tank before the calls would go through and, heaven forbid, we could never have such a situation.

The next time a wind ruffles the hair of an oil baron, dash outside, look up to the sky and scan the horizon for that huge baton being waved by some now unknown director. Give up any hope of rushing out to buy gas before the price zooms above a figure that makes you shudder to think you may have to get a bigger wheelbarrow to haul your money in to pay for a few drops of gasoline so that you might arrive at work to earn enough money to pay taxes to those that have the audacity to tell you that the Energy Department of the United States is doing a “fine” job.

Or you could just throw up your hands in disgust and quit kowtowing to the market and decide for once not to take the vacation or go to Aunt Ethel’s. Or instead of driving two blocks to get a loaf of bread, you might try using God’s gift of walking to the store.

James E. Lowe


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