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July 6, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Friday, July 6, 2012

Hope the Classic gets their share of rain

With approximately 436,000 West Virginia families without power, phones, medical supplies, gasoline, ice, water and some getting to work anyway they can in 95 to 100 degree temperatures, I find it appalling the needs of a golf tournament should come first — before the needs of our tax paying citizens.

Isn’t it strange, how the power and clean-up teams came in hours to 1 1/2 days for the need of a Pro-Am Tournament. Shame on our system!

And poor Jim states “he” has no power. Well — how about his suite at The Greenbrier? He owns it. I’d be ashamed to brag at this point and time about what good shape the golf course is in and how fast the work was done after the storm while we all are doing without and still waiting for power, relief, or help. We are being told Sunday for most of us — one week, three days.

Wonder if anybody helping clean for the “tourney” were — linemen, cablemen, watermen or delivery people? Can’t be in two places at one time.

We still have trees hanging in power lines, power lines on every road, broken telephone poles, no water, no air conditioning, no way to keep food cold — done lost it anyway.

I personally hope the Classic gets their share of rain. And all those involved and so important individuals find out the true meaning of “a certifiable disaster,” as quoted in July 3, 2012 edition by Jim Justice.

This is not pride for our state just another proud moment of greed.

Sorry this is handwritten — my computer runs on power by AEP and I have not seen those folks.

Pat and Gary Burleson

Crab Orchard


Mountaineers are free, ring a bell

What an outrage. Mr. Justice, the poor little rich boy, doesn’t seem to get it and you guys don’t seem to want to report it. The citizens of Greenbrier County who belong to the “segment” of displeased people are his neighbors who can’t quite understand why he believes it was OK for him to move to the head of the line for resources during the declared emergency.

Instead of reaching out to help those with the least means to help theirselves, he got what he demanded and the rest of Greenbrier County had to wait their turn. Kinda feels like Russia; no, wait, there the people would have been helped first. Wasn’t America like that once upon a time? Seems like a bad fairy tale.

My 70-year-old mother has been provided the necessities by my sister, her husband, myself and the rest of the family, but she has not had AC because the generator we have is too small to provide that and it has been hard on her. And I am worried about that. But here it is, the 5th of July and her power is still out but we are hanging together.

I lost all my food by the end of the second day as did my mom and lots of other fellow West Virginians and it appears we are going to be on our own, as always. But why haven’t you reported that? Food being high and for a little while scarce; it’s going to be hard to restock the fridge being on a fixed income.

People have been left to try and get the necessities of life, water, ice, food and gas? No, you report that the poor little rich boy’s feelings are hurt because people are angry that he has behaved as if he “owns” Greenbrier County. Hell, West Virginia. I guess ol’ Jim forgot how that makes West Virginians feel. Mountaineers are free, ring a bell.

So now Justice offers us the leftovers from his farm in Virginia. Yes, I knew they had the place, but like everything else you can rest assured we will get the seconds from there.

So how about it? Report the outrage a little and air out our side.

Harry Dale Crookshanks



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