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July 14, 2013

Our Readers Speak - Sunday, July 14, 2013

My thoughts concerning The Register-Herald’s May 11 publishing of “Rahall off and running to seek his 20th term” will be blunt.

Several times since the news article was published there have been negative letters regarding Nick Rahall. Do the writers investigate the misconceptions right-wing conservatives can financially afford to influence (brainwash) the working class?

Have the writers navigated to a few government sites (not controlled or influenced by Nick Rahall) and read the amount of dollars he has successfully brought into this area of Appalachia?

Do they read of the bitter verbal battles he has encountered to help people outside his own district? Have they counted the many times he has spoken sternly and loudly for assistance to help the active and non-active military men and women? If they are not a veteran, do they think about Beckley’s VA Hospital and the special clinics that Congressman Rahall has continued to build upon?

Several times I vehemently disagree with his stance/vote on a political issue. However, I realize he must represent or appease the majority of his constituents to fulfill his obligations as an elected official. Give the man credit, not demerits.

Congressman Rahall has displayed a high degree of integrity. Nick Rahall is forthright with his political blueprint. His honesty is displayed when he stated, “I could not in good conscience give up that position to be 100th out of 100 to satisfy my ego ... ” Rep. Rahall was plainspoken when he admitted it would be a very competitive race regarding Rep. Shelley Moore Capito.

With modesty, Congressman Rahall spoke of the many projects involving vast sums of money returned to West Virginia. As his constituents we should be extremely grateful, proud and encouraged. Rep. Rahall’s methodology of appropriating us “bacon” and not “water-soaked crackers” is awesome. Political experience is displayed.

I remember an elderly gentleman who often used the term “jabberwocky” when referring to several career politicians. He seemed to have an inherited insight regarding a politician’s personal agenda. If he were alive today, he might describe Congressman Rahall as being a humble, articulate workaholic and a sincere humanitarian.

The 3rd District has a great need for Congressman Rahall’s political expertise. We should be jubilant Nick Rahall is willing to continue laboring as our representative.


Jack Platter Sr.


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