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February 16, 2006

Our Readers Speak for Friday, February 17, 2006

Uproar over wind farm not good for environment

The uproar here in Greenbrier County over the proposed wind farms is disappointing, and a real impediment to ever obtaining a clean environment. This opposition carries with it a hint of coal and other fossil fuels interests who have the most to lose from the development of clean alternate fuels.

A windmill high atop Cold Knob would be no more unsightly or intrusive than a radio tower, a ski resort or a scar from strip mining. There can be no more unsightly eyesores imaginable than the thousands of telephone poles in towns, on highways and blighting the countryside. These monstrosities holding up wires carrying power produced by fossil fuel plants are accepted because they carry a product we all need and use.

There is nothing ugly or intrusive about windmills. They have been around and used for centuries, in Holland and on farms around the world. I can think of nothing more ecologically pleasing than a windmill sitting peacefully on a hill three or four miles away cranking out clean requisite power.

Compare this to a co-generation coal-fired plant belching out tons of earth-warming, health-damaging contaminants into the atmosphere, earth and streams daily. Compare it to a nuclear plant that can melt down, killing and sickening hundreds or thousands as occurred in the USSR a few years ago. Also their susceptibility to terrorist attacks. There has never been a way devised to neutralize or safely store their harmful by-products which remain radioactive for thousands of years.

We must get away from these eco-damaging power sources sometime, and we’ll never be able to succeed with this “not in my back yard attitude.” Consider that a windmill can be disassembled in a day and leave no scars on the earth or the eco-system. It can be a transitory non-harmful beneficial resource.

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