The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

December 30, 2012

Recent column distorted truth

I recently read Mr. Thomasson’s column regarding President Obama and the gun lobby. I am disappointed with a portion of his column that has grossly distorted the truth.

I have attended many gun shows in the past 20+ years and I have never, in any of the shows I have attended, ever seen a “bazooka” for sale. His comments regarding what he describes as the “gun show loophole” are also misleading.

Any licensed FFL retailer cannot sell any firearm to anyone without a completed form 4473 and any applicable local permits, immediate phoned approval request from NICS and subsequent approval code that is then documented on the transfer paperwork.

These comments paint a negative picture of gun shows as if none of our current firearms purchasing laws and restrictions are in place or enforced during gun show purchases. This could not be further from the truth. If a person purchases a firearm from a “big box” vendor, a gun shop or a vendor during a gun show, the applicable state and federal laws are in effect and enforced the same.

Robert Waddell

Fort Mill, S.C.

formerly of Beckley