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May 12, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What has happened to our society?

We just held the Easter holiday and Christians would ask “Will You Believe?” They would wonder the way society is today; how would Jesus be treated or welcomed if He was resurrected in today’s times. Would it be like in Roman times, or worse?

America is changing from a traditional country to a secular country. Anything goes, behavior gone awry, drug use and selling more-or-less accepted, less parental guidance with kids having no accountability for what they get into, views on marriage have gone secular instead of traditional. Anything goes in marriage today.

People want to turn this country into a secular country, a country that would be shallow with lack of feeling. We have those who, during the week, try to take Jesus, His teachings and religion out of everything in society today. They turn their backs on Jesus and what He gave the world, until they need His guidance in death, illness, hardship and when they decide to make an appearance in church.

I would be afraid to have a soul like that and enter a house of worship on Sunday.

We should think about what Easter really means. We have a society of “you offend me,” “you own me” or “poor me, what can you do to accommodate me.” A movie everyone should see is “Heaven is For Real.” Maybe this will be an eye-opener for everyone, and it’s a true story.

Carole Williams

Shady Spring

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Our Readers Speak