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April 29, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Come Election Day, we all must vote

Dear Southern West Virginia,

We must realize that the upcoming election has a lot of impact on our coal mines and our future. We have been promised over and over that things would get better, but to the contrary, they have not.

For nearly 30 years U.S. Rep. Nick Rahall has pledged to do all these wonderful things in our district and yet nothing is changing and, if he is elected nothing will again, for only the rich seem to grow in wealth and power. We need a change.

What we need is a congressman who will ask for all these outrageous taxes on coal to be lifted. Coal is the future, we know it, everyone in the Congress and Senate knows it, but they still vote us down and it’s hurting our state.

Come Election Day we all must vote. Stand up for a change. It’s up to us.

Also the drugs in our district are running rampant. I see ambulance after ambulance carrying people who have overdosed and neither our government nor the police care. We need leaders who will crack down on the drugs instead of letting human life mean nothing.

Years ago, West Virginia was one of the hardest-working states in America. But, as I wrote a couple of months ago, when the mines are moving, the whole state is moving.

It shouldn’t be because he’s a Democrat or a Republican, we should vote for the best man for the job and hasn’t Rahall proven that he’s not the man?

Please, West Virginia, vote correctly. Let’s be Mountaineers, and be proud again, not looking for handouts, etc., but working and having a future and not doing drugs and drinking alcohol. So we’ve got to stand for something or we will fall for anything like we have been doing the last 30 years. I’m praying for you all. We need a change.

Stephen Hopkins II


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