The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

April 25, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Friday, April 25, 2014

Fayetteville should support its school

The citizens of Meadow Bridge are to be congratulated for the strong community support in keeping and maintaining their local high school. Thanks to their dedicated support, Meadow Bridge High School, the smallest school in Fayette County, proudly lays claim to the following:

The citizens of Meadow Bridge support their school to the fullest extent.

It would be commendable if the citizens of Fayetteville were one-tenth as concerned about keeping and maintaining Fayetteville High School. Instead, some of our citizens appear completely indifferent about the future of the school and do not even appear to be concerned whether or not the high school will remain within its city limits.

If Fayetteville should lose its high school through consolidation, our community could no longer lay claim to the resources that the school offers for economic development nor lay claim to the educational opportunities that the small school concept offers its students.

We, as citizens of Fayette-ville, should take heed and support our high school as ardently as the citizens of Meadow Bridge support theirs.

George “Matt” Edwards


Thanks for letter about Republicans

I would like to thank Lisa Gunther for her letter. It is so true that the Republican Party has always been only for themselves and care nothing about the American working-class people.

Since I first read his books, I have known that President Obama is an extremely intelligent, caring and honorable person. I have been very proud of the fact that other world leaders have great respect for him.

As an 84-year-old lady, I am most thankful that he is striving to keep our country out of war. The Republicans have tried in every way to hinder any right thing that he tries to achieve.

I believe that only ignorance and prejudice could explain anyone from being informed of these facts. God will forgive ignorance, but not prejudice.

Sadie Jean Dotson