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April 11, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Friday, April 11, 2014

Convoluted tax code is hard to understand


It’s hard for a man to admit, but I’m afraid. I filed my taxes; I’m fearful of an audit. Didn’t cheat; never have.  

The convoluted code is impossible to understand. I called the IRS with questions; that didn’t make me feel better. Someone asked before: If they don’t understand tax law, how can we? I’ll bet they understand interest and penalties.

I’m afraid of other stuff, too. I’m afraid of losing my job, and my family descending into poverty. I’m afraid Congressman Rahall and company will continue to ignore the debt and bankrupt the country. Half our kids don’t know their father; I’m fearful of where that moral compass is leading. I’m afraid to go hunting. Don’t have the time to read and re-read what is now the book of West Virginia hunting laws.

Government action aimed at saving us from expensive housing, college and health care has given birth to foreclosure, bankruptcy, runaway costs and canceled plans. I’m fearful they will continue trying to “help” us.

Fear gives way to anger. Funny thing about prolonged fear and anger. One comes to a place of not giving a ... uh ... large water retaining wall anymore. I am there. So back to my original worry.

I may well be audited; that will not be a pleasant day for the auditor. I will have my questions answered. My first is: How do you live with yourself? I know, I’m supposed to be too afraid to ask. I’m not, and the last answer I will accept is, “I’m just doing my job.” Doesn’t come close to cutting it.

True, the IRS implements laws by Congress. “We the People” should demand fewer of those. But in the name of job justification, the IRS has made it intentionally onerous. I believe they were instructed to persecute the Tea Party, not thorough a direct order, but a “wink wink nod nod.” I’m not holding my breath for a smoking gun.

The president is right. There isn’t a “smidgin” of corruption; the IRS is rotten to the core. None walked away; they have no problem preying on Americans. Whether you actually strangled free speech, or just maintain this millstone, you at the IRS are predators. Just because you have license from Congress saying it’s legal doesn’t make you anything else.

Many have ordered their lives around, or make their living interpreting the code. Transition to a understandable simple code like a flat tax will take time. But any politician not committed to moving us there with all deliberate speed should be voted out. We have a chance this November.

Ric Roop


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