The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

June 20, 2013

Our Readers Speak - Friday, June 21, 2013

Conception control, not birth control, is answer to abortion

Pro-choice abortion advocates insist upon a woman’s right to reproductive choice. This “right” over her body extends to aborting developing life within at any stage short of birth.

Such reasoning is fallacious, flawed morally and logically. In reality, “reproductive choice” concerns whether or not to conceive a child. It is a woman’s right not to become pregnant if she does not want a child. There is no God-given right to kill new life once it has begun. This would be the choice to murder. No one has that right.

The issue is not whether the conceived child is wanted or not. It is whether the new life is willed or not. Many do not want the results of some things they will to do. An alcoholic may not want liver damage, but if he wills to imbibe, he consents to a damaged liver. Likewise, if a woman consents to sexual activity, she must accept the possible consequences, namely pregnancy. Thus, the consent to be sexually active inherently assumes consent to pregnancy. The new life is automatically willed whether wanted or not.

We should be concerned with conception control and not relying upon abortion as a means of birth control. “Reproductive rights” relate to preventing or accepting conception and not the killing of innocent developing humans. A woman who does not want to become pregnant can prevent it. (The small number of pregnancies resulting from rape is another issue entirely.)

The right to life, once conceived, is the basic, fundamental right of all rights. Without it no other rights exist. Thankfully, I was not aborted. If I had, it would not have been a “right” but an irretrievable “wrong.”

The logic of liberalism bewilders me. Liberals insist we cannot kill the snail darter when constructing a dam, kill certain animals for their fur, abort a litter or put to death murderers for their premeditated crimes. But we can kill innocent developing human beings up to the moment before normal delivery through partial-birth abortion.

Someone must speak for the unborn whose voices cannot be heard.

Joseph Pinter