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February 16, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Sunday, February 16, 2013

Town of Rupert grateful for support

In January, there were five main water breaks in seven days in the Town of Rupert in different places during sub-zero temperatures. I and town employees would like to thank all of the individuals and businesses who supported Rupert in their time of need.

The outpouring of assistance from neighboring communities was overwhelming and greatly appreciated.

Sincere thanks go out to Al Whitaker and Paula Brown with the Greenbrier County Emergency Services, Rainelle Mayor Andrea Pendleton, Ray with Rainelle Water Department, Greenbrier County Commissioner Karen Lobban, Mark and Rick with the Lewisburg Water Department, Rusty with the Ronceverte Water Department, Handy Place, Dairy Delite, Rainelle DQ, Brian Redden, John Withrow, Kevin Parker, Doug Franklin, Donald Currence Jr., Bobby Cochran, Gary Daniels, Craig Tygrett, Joe Coughlin, Jimmy Alvis, Councilman Don Keech and wife Gaye, Councilman David McAfee, Ruth Carroll, Betty Tharp, Emily Viers, Glenda Killen and Benny DiMascio.

All of those mentioned donated water, coffee, heat sources, parts, labor and expertise in working on the pipes, ran errands, prepared and delivered meals, and handed out water. Many others stopped by to offer assistance or speak words of gratitude and encouragement.

This was a trying time for the citizens of Rupert and the town’s employees. A special thanks to the citizens for their patience and understanding and thanks to town employees Wanda Sanford, Aunley Robinson, Sam McMillion, Karen Bragg and Valerie Currence.

The water system is old and in need of replacement. I will meet with engineers and attend meetings of various agencies to determine what the town needs and I am actively seeking funding opportunities for the town.

Jim Nichols

Mayor of Rupert

The ‘Miss the pothole or you lose a tire’ game

The roads throughout Maxwell Hill are freaking horrible. I cannot even drive correctly without swerving to miss a pothole. I feel like I’m playing a game called “Miss the Pothole or You Lose a Tire.” They are that bad.

Someone really needs to fill in the potholes, or better yet, completely repave those roads. Whoever paved them in the first place did a terrible job and needs to be fired (if they haven’t been already). I drive on these roads every day to and from school and I have yet to go a day without hitting several potholes. There are tons! Seriously, fix this, guys. It sucks.

Chelsea Wallen


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