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February 13, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014

Taxes for schools; safety in our mines


Just a little thing the taxpayers need to think about. We pay a lot of taxes now. The state should take over all the schools.

We are paying 55 counties now for men to get $125,000 a year. That could be used for our kids. Your kids could go to the schools closest to their home. Some kids have to ride a bus 30 miles or more.

Just think about that before you vote for a bond. And that’s not counting all the rest we pay to take care of one county.

On another note.

This is to the Joe Main thing in Sunday’s paper about safety.

No. 1. You have to get the UMWA back in every underground mines so a man can have some one to go to when he thinks a place is unsafe and still have a job.

2. Make it 10 years in the underground mines before they can be a mine foreman or boss.

It takes more than five years in fact. It will take some longer than that. You will never learn it all. There is always some things that comes up. There is never two mines alike.

I worked 28 years inside the mines before it got me.

Grover Adkins

Oak Hill

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Our Readers Speak