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June 18, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I lost election, but that’s not the end

I ran for Ronceverte City Council and lost. Alas! It’s not the end. Hillary didn’t win the first time either. I plan to attend the council meetings and be a thorn in the new mayor’s backside or perhaps his best supportive alliance.

I love the First Amendment. The fact that the government doesn’t get to dictate my spiritual path is awesome. I have mixed feelings about the Second Amendment. Guns are not my favorite items. There are folks who are more gun savvy than I am. Let them deal with them.

The real Issue that makes my heart go pitter patter is chickens. Contrary to what some folks think, Californians are not all a bunch of citified yuppies. I came of age in the California desert. My grandparents raised chickens. I loved those early morning cock-a-doodle-doos.

So why are the Ronceverte dignitaries so opposed to chickens within the city limits? Times are hard. Chickens can be an economical solution. They produce eggs which are an inexpensive source of protein. Some folks may even eat the chickens themselves. Ugh.

Chickens make fertilizer which helps the garden to grow. This is a much better alternative to eating the chickens. The chickens will also eat the leftover food that doesn’t go into a compost pile.

I say that some of these folks who don’t like chickens and call themselves Democrats are Dinosaur DINOs. DINO equals Democrats in name only.

They parade around in a huff and blame Obama for the troubled economy yet refuse to love the chicken. Fie, Fie and Fie again.

The Third World nation Haiti is embracing the chickens as a way to recovery from impoverished conditions and natural disasters. The educated citizens of Ronceverte should appreciate the wisdom of the Haitian people.

Love the chicken and love prosperity.

Bonijean Isaacs



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