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July 31, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gratitude extended to men of Frasure Creek

I am sure a lot of people read the SALS Journal every month. The last edition contained an article, “The Man Behind Frasure Creek.” It was not an attractive article about Doug Blackburn, president of Frasure Creek Mining. Read on to find out about the men behind Frasure Creek.

No one ever mentions the good things Frasure Creek does, and Frasure Creek does not blow their own horn.

During Thanksgiving, Frasure Creek purchases complete meals from local businesses and gives them to families in need. During Christmas, they purchase meals and donate toys and clothes to children who may otherwise not have much at Christmas.

During Cancer Awareness Month, they made additional donations. The security guards at Frasure Creek sold pink ribbons to raise money for cancer research.

Now, throughout the rough times we had following the storms on Friday, June 29, Frasure Creek responded in various ways to help this community.

They donated several welding trucks to help families who were without electricity. One family had a newborn baby and a recovering surgery patient. Needless to say, they greatly appreciated having electricity during this time. They provided one family with a light plant, which can also be used as a generator. They purchased over $1,000 worth of bottled water and donated it to the residents of Laurel Creek, Kincaid and Page. They donated diesel fuel to Page-Kincaid PSD for generators located at the sewage plants and water plants, helping to restore water service. This donation amounted to 1,700 gallons at last count. Frasure Creek Mining also donated gasoline to Ed’s Country Store to keep it open the day after the storm. This allowed the store to remain open during this critical time when needed supplies were not available elsewhere.

In my opinion, the men behind Frasure Creek deserve a vote of thanks.

So, thank you, Doug Blackburn, president, Frasure Creek Mining; Steve Allen, vice president; Phillip Beadows, general manager; Steve Tweety, purchasing manager; Danny Adkins, human resources; Ty Coleman, health and safety manager; and all those unnamed Frasure Creek employees who donated their time and effort helping this community.

Karen Sue Payne


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