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April 23, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Solve people problem; get them employed

I applaud Sen. Mike Green’s bill to require drug tests for those receiving public assistance. If you are an employee public or private, you are subject to this type of identifying test. So, why not if you are on public assistance? There are people on disability who can’t work but can drag a deer out of the woods.

There are people on unemployment who sit at their computers and talk on the phone; isn’t that what a receptionist’s job is? They have no way to work, but they sure get to the stores on the first of the month. If we identified these people and took them off public assistance and to work, would our state be better off?

Now, for those who are unemployed and underemployed and use our assistance money for drugs and alcohol. After they are identified, let’s put them in a program which combines counseling and a vocational training, where not only continuous drug testing is required, but the assistance check they receive is in direct proportion to their test results and school performance. Like everyone else.

Good grades, good check, low grades, low check. Test positive, no check. But still being required to finish both steps of the program. Paid for by public assistance. This will allow us to know our money is not wasted and will turn the participants into drug-free, working, taxpaying citizens, with new employable skills.

As for these individuals and families with children who test positive. Maybe, the children should be placed with other suitable family members or in foster care, where there is a wholesome, drug-free environment, while the parent or parents get the real help and job assistance training they need.

Sen. Green realizes we need to break this circle of abuse of our taxpayer dollars. Neglect of West Virginia children, and of raising yet another generation of abusers. Bravo, Sen. Green, for your foresight and courage.

Dan Jackson


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