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December 12, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Thursday, December 12, 2013

Defections have been from both parties

In regard to your editorial about the Democrats defecting, I think you are making something out of nothing or trying to lead the people in your direction.

There has been lots of defection but it is by both parties to the independent party. Right after the presidential election, the Republican leaders concluded openly that they were a party of old white men and would have to start courting gays and changing their views on abortion to ever win again. This didn’t make a lot of conservatives happy. Where will these Republicans go if the Republicans leaders executes these changes?

I don’t need to tell you that there are several D.I.N.O’s. (Democrats in name only) in politics. There are lots more than Sen. Jenkins and the other few that have switched. Jenkins ran as a Republican before becoming a Democrat. These people were never Democrats. Believe me, I served with Jenkins on the Judiciary sub-committee!

You alluded to the so-called shifting being because of the economic condition of the state. What if we had given all the tax breaks to existing companies that the Republicans introduced? We would be in a pickle now.

While other states were going under West Virginia has paid its bills and now that things are getting tough because of our economy, we are making cuts as any prudent government should do.

Remember what the statistician that made the survey for the chamber quoted a short while back, “that most West Virginians do not want the Republicans to take over the House, they don’t want the fighting and gridlock that we are experiencing in Washington.”

He also said that “West Virginians still believe that the Democrat Party would be more likely to represent the poor and working classes verses the Republican Party.”

Mel Kessler


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