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October 9, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012

Should you vote for Barack Obama?

The question in November is not whether you should vote for Mitt Romney. The question is what does Barack Obama really offer for the next four years?

In West Virginia, if you work for producers of coal, natural gas, oil or the chemical industry, your choice is clear — you vote against Obama.

What is the fate of Social Security that you have paid for all your working years? It is projected to go broke as early as 2016 resulting from out-of-control government spending. Who is in position to save Social Security? Obama promises to “save Social Security,” by combining it with Obamacare, and by running up the federal debt to artificially stimulate the economy.

Printing money may save Social Security for a few years, but you will lose through the inflation that it produces. We are already seeing the rising costs of gasoline, groceries, utility bills, home and car upkeep, all caused by the Fed printing money.

Romney’s emphasis will be to produce jobs that will serve the dual purpose of increasing tax revenues to support Social Security and to slow increases in the federal debt.

I support Romney to place the country on a stable financial course. Obama is the one who really promises, “MORE OF THE SAME.”

How about foreign policy? Obama has leaned toward Islam over traditional American religions. This policy of appeasement now has the American flag in flames and the cry for “Kill Americans” in the news. I know I can’t support Obama based on religion or foreign policy.

How about same-sex marriage? Obama supports it. How about gun control? Obama supports it. How about abortion rights? Obama supports them. How about the value of your savings and pension plans? Both have suffered under Obama and will continue to do so under his loose money policies.

Perhaps the greatest danger to giving Obama four more years is that it will give him time to establish a one-party system in the U.S. Even for Democrats on the fence, you don’t want that. Big government in control of all aspects of your life? You will be taxed in ways you never imagined to support “Redistribution of Wealth.”

The last factor to consider is that Obama will have the opportunity to appoint up to four Supreme Court justices that will lock in a United States of America that you will not recognize. Obama just has too many negatives … vote against him.

Richard Richmond, M.D.


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