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March 7, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Thursday, March 7, 2013

Social Security benefits are earned

I am a little offended. There was an article in the paper about West Virginia topping the list of states with population of people with disabilities. I am disabled from a car accident when another driver suffered a fatal heart attack and struck my car.

What offends me is that they call my Social Security disability a benefit. The ones in the article and in our government call it “government assistance.” This is in no way any money given to me by the government. This is money I paid into Social Security while working, my employer also, and all they are doing is controlling how that money comes back to me.

When I am not drawing any benefit, they are using it elsewhere. So when I need what I paid into it, it puts them in a bind. The term they use in this description might not be a big deal to them; they are able to work and earn their pay. I already have.

They evidently do not understand the insult. We have known of people who are looking for something/anything that the government will give them.

The programs are for the good of the people but there are always those who abuse the program. It was not their (government’s) gift or handout to me, I paid into this.

Suzette Hardy

Oak Hill

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Our Readers Speak