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April 24, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Thursday, April 24, 2014

Democrats, Republican leaders both wealthy

In response to Ms. Gunther’s letter. I can’t help but wonder who the overlords are that you accuse Republicans of following. I’m a Republican, but I follow Jesus Christ, despite what you think about Republicans and their faith.

On four occasions I have sworn oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Do you really believe that people such as the Koch brothers or Karl Rove call me up to give me marching orders?

I’m a conservative, which means I’m for less government intrusion into my life. I don’t believe unborn babies should be ripped from the womb. I don’t want to be overtaxed nor to see my tax dollars wasted. I don’t want the IRS targeting me or the Department of Homeland Security. I don’t want the NSA listening to my phone conversations or reading my mail.

I’m not considered wealthy by any measure, but your Democratic leaders are, just as Republicans are. Over half of Congress are now millionaires. According to Time news, the median income of House members is $929,000 for Democrats and $884,000 for Republicans. For senators, median income is $1.7 million for Democrats and 2.9 million for Republicans.

Out of 528 members of the Congress, 268 are millionaires. For median income for both houses, $1.04 million for Democrats and $1 million for Republicans. Harry Reid’s personal wealth is reported at $5 million and Nancy Pelosi’s is estimated at $24.4 million.

Nick Rahall’s wealth was reported at $1.9 million in 2010. As for Jay Rockefeller, he could most likely buy the whole Congress 10 times over.

The Obama administration is violating another court order concerning veterans benefits as ordered in 2013 concerning Harris v. Secretary of Veterans affairs. A change in the Federal Registry will strip veterans of legal rights, increase disability claim denials and make it more difficult for veterans to challenge unfair disability ratings.

So you see, there is always an argument to be made about politics. What you and most partisan people are neglecting these days is that while you argue and accuse over politics, the government is taking away states’ rights at an alarming rate. Especially property rights.

Our government agencies continue to view us as a threat. The citizens who really care about politics should be finding common ground and address the real issues facing us. As a country we are broke. We can’t throw money at problems and expect them to go away.

If not checked, government power will soon make slaves of us all.

James Foster


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