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April 18, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Friday, April 18, 2014

Why the Mount Hope speed trap on U.S. 19?

I would like to know why the Mount Hope City Police had a speed trap on U.S. 19 on March 14.

Mount Hope is a mile off of 19. That is a four-lane highway; no city police should be out there. That’s Mount Hope, Oak Hill, Fayetteville, Summersville; no other place all the way up north.

Their jobs are to take care of the city they work for. Their job is to look after the city that pays them. The state doesn’t pay them and the county doesn’t pay them.

Grover Adkins

Oak Hill

Country will not stand with liberals in charge

When I became of voting age, many years ago, both of my parents were Democrats. John Kennedy had just said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

I liked that and this agreed with the morals and principles taught by my parents, so I registered and voted Democrat.

Over the years, my beliefs began to part from the Democrat agenda. I wondered if I was a traitor to my party and to my parents until I realized that I was following the morals and principles taught by my parents. I was not asking or demanding that my country should do something for me; I wanted to do something for it.

The party left me; I didn’t leave it! The party was the traitor. I then changed my party affiliation, and registered and voted Republican.

So, what about you? If I asked you what party you belong to, you would have a definite answer. However, ask yourself, am I a liberal or a conservative, right or left? In order to answer this, let’s first define the terms.

In the political world, the word left refers to those who are said to be liberal and they belong to the Democrat party. Those on the right are said to be conservative and they belong to the Republican party. In all political parties there are those who lean both ways, some more extreme than others. Most likely, you aren’t either one of these.

You are probably a liberal if you see no problem that we as a nation kill 3,500 babies a day by abortion, known as pro-choice. You are probably a conservative if you believe life is sacred and the baby in the womb is a living human worthy of life, known as pro-life.

The left wants bigger government, thus higher taxes and more bureaucrats. The right wants less government and lower taxes. The left wants government involved from cradle to grave. The left believes it is entitled to free health care, food and shelter. The right believes man is in charge of his own destiny and can take care of himself; the government just needs to get out of the way.

So, which are you? I believe that if you follow what your parents taught you, you’ll do what is right, you will know how to vote this fall. Our country will not stand with liberals at the helm.

Ecclesiastes 10:2 says, “ A wise man’s heart inclines him toward the right, but a fool’s heart toward the left.” Look it up.


Daniel Wright


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