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March 10, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Monday, March 10, 2014

Campaign spending, term limits needed

Mark My Word!

A dangerous game is being played in our statehouse. This game is energized by the monies pouring into West Virginia to try to take over the House of Delegates.

I am being told by several delegate friends that it is like the TV show “Survivor.” There are bills being offered by both parties just to make the other look bad. There are also bills being offered that spend monies that we, in a budget crunch, cannot fund at this time unless we do as the federal government does and charge it.

I was recently told that 90 percent of what is going on is political and about 10 percent is looking out for the people. I personally feel we are going down a road of destruction on the premise of game-playing and it must stop.

Pay attention to certain bills that are offered and then added on by people who are playing games for your vote. I pray the governor will take steps to veto these party bills; he has a term limit now.

This is why we need term limits and limits set on campaign spending. We also need to know who is paying out these large sums and whom their interest is for.

Mel Kessler


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