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July 14, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, July 14, 2012

Romney, GOP unravel so-called safety net

I consider myself an intelligent person who can search out answers to most questions. So someone help me out.

Why did Romney say he wasn’t worried about the poor, they have a “safety net”? Someone should inform Mitt that that so-called “safety net” he mentioned is in danger of unraveling. The Ryan budget, which Mitt and the rest of the bunch fairly drool over, places 64 percent of the budget cuts on those programs which make up that “safety net.” This includes Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, Medicaid, certain higher education funding and anything else they think they can get at.

As someone living on Social Security who has Medicare and Medicaid, I can tell you that those of us caught in that “safety net” feel nothing close to safe. Why is it more important that the rich get another tax cut before the elderly get the health care they need?

Can anyone explain to me why it is more important that the big oil companies, making billions in profit, keep receiving taxpayer subsidies instead of putting that money into something silly like educating our children into the 21st century?

Why are we not putting our country’s residents to work repairing our roads, working on bridges that are crumbling, building modern technologically equipped schools to train not only the young, but those who are forced to change careers? Paying teachers what they are worth seems to be one more thing the Republicans freak out about.

I find it amazing that Romney, Ryan and the rest of the Republicans spout religious reasons for denying women access to birth control. They made a lot of speeches about protecting life, stood proudly beside the Catholics’ views on abortion. Now, however, a multitude of priests, nuns and high-placed people have sent letters to the Congress urging them to find another way to cut the deficit. The letters point out the draconian cuts Ryan wants to make. Evidently, he’s no longer so concerned about what the Catholic church thinks.

Those of us who happen to depend on that “safety net” know the worst thing that could happen would be a Romney presidency. I am so tired of hearing politicians expound on things they know absolutely nothing about while telling us it won’t be so bad. I dare one of them to live on my Social Security check for a month, then tell me how we have to cut those programs even more because those big oil companies and all those rich folk have to have further tax cuts.

The Republicans love to claim that they are the “values” party, “God’s party,” but actions speak so much louder than words. Jesus was no great lover of the rich who didn’t care for the needy. He did not suggest the well-off share the blessings they had been given if they felt like it. “I was hungry and you fed Me, naked and you clothed Me, weary and you gave me rest ... what you do to the least of My children you do to Me.”

Lisa Gunther



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