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September 28, 2012

Our Readers Speak - Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012

This November, put Obama out of office

Wake Up America — West Virginia is one of Obama’s five “No Work Zone” states.

It’s not Republicans against Democrats any more, playing his game. It’s about getting this man stopped and put out of office. He has done nothing for the people of the United States. What he has done is cause more confusion and inflation than what we can handle.

First off, he did away with our space program that we must have. Jobs lost. He has stopped all of our government farm programs east of the Mississippi. Jobs lost. He has put the coal miners out of work. Jobs lost. This will affect the railroad, steel mills, electric plants, factories and families all across the United States, and foreign countries.

He has also cut electrical plants down that run from coal. He has stopped most building of military equipment. He has caused inflation to go through the roof, such as food, appliances, or anything we have to buy at the store. He has forced health care down our throats. If we don’t buy health care by a certain time, we will be fined or put in jail. Most Americans can’t even afford medicine, much less insurance payments. Since four years ago, when he took office, most of our military equipment has been hauled out of here to other countries. This man is breaking our constitutional rights.

He is against all American religious groups. He is against our Bible. He is for gay marriages, which is strictly against the Bible. He is against Israel and the Jewish people. The Bible states that any nation that goes against Israel will be destroyed.

This November, say no to Obama. Let’s try someone else. If that person is no good, we can kick him out too.

Randy K. Meadows

Shady Spring

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Our Readers Speak