The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

September 27, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012

Political Letters

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Come on seniors, let’s get out and vote

I want to start by saying thanks to Moody Roberts and Karen McClung for their recent write ups. I was so glad to read something that made sense for a change.

As for me, I noticed that every time our representatives from West Virginia come on TV they would talk about how they fought Obama on our coal, took him to court and etc. Tell me why would anyone in West Virginia vote for and follow someone that is out to see coal stopped 100 percent? West Virginia is Coal — The president and Joe Biden have always hated coal. That’s never been a big secret. Why would our people support them to start with?

Also, the president is always saying we should tax the rich more. Excuse me, isn’t all those Hollywood star friends of his rich? And they love him. Just doesn’t add up, does it?

One more thing, seems like everyone is trying to scare us older people with Social Security and Medicare. Well, shame on you. We may be getting older but we haven’t lost our minds and we are still smart enough and tough enough to take a stand for God, our state and our country.

Come on seniors let’s get out and vote and show that we are still out here and we still have a say in what’s going on.

Pat Brown



We can’t force peace in the Middle East

This letter is regarding the current anti-U.S. protests in the Middle East. Also, to the subject of peace in the Middle East.

Anyone who has read the Bible knows that fighting has occurred in that region since Cain killed Abel. The Old Testament is rife with descriptions of many wars. So why is America sending our troops to countries like Afghanistan where Americans are being murdered by the very Afghans they train?

Or Libya, where we “liberated” that country from Ghadafi’s dictatorship — only to have our American ambassador and three others killed? America just pulled out of an 11-year war with Iraq and no sooner than we left did the suicide bombs start again.

I fully understand the need for peace, but until Middle Eastern mentality is not about hating America, what can we do? Too many young Americans’ lives have been lost for this cause and American tax dollars as well.

And if the situation in Syria isn’t resolved soon, this could very well be America’s next “liberation.” How many more Americans have to die before somebody wakes up and realizes that America can’t help someone that doesn’t want our help?

Vickie Donell-Williams