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July 19, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Friday, July 19, 2013

Tech deserves to get its answers


On Oct. 31, 2012, the Take Back Tech Committee had a meeting with several legislators concerning questions and concerns that the public has about two legislative issues relating to the Tech campus in Montgomery per the 2011 Senate Bill 486.

Sen. William Laird, Fayette County, and Sen. Robert Plymale, Senate chair of the Legislative Oversight Commission on Education Accountability, were key legislators in attendance.

The meeting resulted in the following action plans:

- The legislators would request a long-range plan for Tech from WVU.

- The legislators would check on the status of the Tech Revitalization Committee’s $7.8 million request to the Legislature for revitalization of the Montgomery campus.

Several months of correspondence and discussions followed the Oct. 31 meeting. On Jan. 15, the Committee was informed that a five-year plan for Tech would be submitted in April 2013 and that the status of the $7.8 million request for the revitalization would also be determined in April.

On June 13, we were informed that the decision on the $7.8 million request remained pending, that the request would be considered through a supplemental appropriation, and that any legislative appropriation would be contingent upon WVU matching funds.

Today, we have no evidence that Tech will receive the $7.8 million and no evidence of a five-year plan.

There are so many questions about the details involved in these Tech issues. We have tried to get answers through Sen. Laird, but he has not supplied answers. Our most recent e-mail (also unanswered) was sent on June 27.

The citizens of Fayette County and the Upper Kanawha Valley and others, including Tech alumni, have to rely upon our senator, William Laird, for answers about these issues that affect the future of our fine institution and the educational needs of our youth. Tech has waited far too long for answers when decisions about its future must be made based on knowledge that funding will be available.

Gail Harlan, Chair

Take Back Tech Committee,


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