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August 21, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013

I’ll tell you where Love for America is

In response to Michael Thompson, “Where is the Love for America today?” May I suggest that you visit and volunteer at your local VA hospital for the answer.

Jim Meadows

Jumping Branch

Rahall an asset to all laboring people

When coal regained lost ground during the 1960s, my father was transferred to the coalfields of West Virginia. Raising a family of my own, the relocation was disheartening. One weekend each month, visits were made to West Virginia. My sons spent summer vacations with Nan and Pap. Childhood friendships continue to this day.

Upon retirement, my parents remained near Beckley. They aged and my visits increased greatly. Their health began to decline. Fiercely independent, they refused to leave and return north. Utilizing FMLA, I was present for health issues. Now deceased, at their request, burial was in the Raleigh County area.

Periodically I scan The Register-Herald. A letter sent from North Carolina spoke negatively of Congressman Rahall.

Nick Rahall co-sponsored the FMLA, not a very popular item in the early 1990s. FMLA has enriched many families across this country. Rep. Rahall displays concern for working families and focuses on innumerable health issues.

Co-sponsoring bills for autistic individuals, cancer and birth defects of children, forbidding hospitals to push patients out the door following invasive surgical procedures, Congressman Rahall stood firm. Many agendas, unpopular when introduced, he brought success to encourage and nourish all citizens.

War on coal? The 1950s’ mechanization created tremendous unemployment to the mining industry. The longwall miner requires even less employees. We live in a global economy. Construction is slack worldwide, steel not required, decreased price of natural gas and many other factors, bringing low demand for coal.

Nick Rahall cannot “fight” a global economic downturn that has no demand for voluminous coal production. Profits before people therefore employment is terminated.

Congressman Rahall is an asset to West Virginia and all laboring people in this country.

Mary (Lloyd) Smith

Pataskala, Ohio

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