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January 31, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Friday, Dec. 31, 2014

Legalizing pot would add to drug problems

Just Say No!

Yep, just what we need, legalized pot. We need to add another controlled substance to West Virginia’s epidemic drug problems.

Last year, meth busts were up 85 percent. People, listen to this: It is not about just a drug problem. It is about life problems. You see case after case of people going to jail for beating kids to death, stealing to satisfy drug addictions and extra costs to taxpayers in the failing attempt to try to control our problem. I don’t want to subject families traveling in autos to a pot-high driver.

One evening I watched a show named “Pot Cops.” It showed Colorado’s fight against problems with pot growing and growers selling it illegally. Not only was this a problem, but the grower’s children had it stashed everywhere.

We have had restaurants open in the area that could not find enough employees due to not passing the drug tests.

I know that supporters claim that cancer patients need this drug and that’s how we got OxyContin. The problems would way outweigh the benefits of legal pot.

I have noticed if it’s bad, it usually passes in Charleston. It takes a few years, and bills especially pass when it is election time. I have heard that there are actually politicians already going out west to learn the methods of growing pot to sell here.

I know we need the tax revenue, but please let your senator or delegate know that we are through selling our souls for a small group that will get rich growing this stuff.

They have set rules so stringently in raising pot that only the wealthy can afford to grow it and be the winners again at our cost.

Mel Kessler



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