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November 9, 2013

Our Readers speak — Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013

Rahall’s track record shows public service

An opinion was written highly critical of President Obama. Many West Virginia citizens expressed a similar diagnosis on Election Day.

The House has 435 representatives. The author freely connected Congressman Rahall and dissatisfaction with President Obama. Fortunately, Rep. Rahall is a power to be recognized and respected by other lawmakers in the political arena.

Many times Nick Rahall has spoken forthright, forcefully and fearlessly against his fellow Democrats. This behavior has occurred when he believed that constituents and/or the citizens of our country would be affected negatively.

To me, there was an analogy being insinuated concerning President Obama and Congressman Rahall. What about the other 434 elected representatives? Do others warrant being listed as assisting in “a race or class war in America”. (As was implied ... Are the days of Macarthyism returning?) If the author had listed other congressmen, then a vote could be undertaken for the “most popular anarchist” and the “most obedient and submissive congressman.”

“Rahall has a vested interest in The Register-Herald.” I was told a gentleman assisting a delivery driver was Nick Rahall. If this is true, and I do believe it is, was there a lengthy news article accompanied with a picture? Did the newspaper publish Rep. Rahall staying in touch with his constituents, working in the rain, climbing in and out of the truck and hurriedly dropping off packages? Perhaps it was printed and I did not read that particular story. I don’t know; it was several weeks ago.

One summer we had no electric for days and/or weeks. FEMA had legal problems providing assistance. Congressman Rahall moved quickly on legislation to allow FEMA a common sense approach toward providing aid during disasters.   

For many years Nick Rahall has spontaneously, strenuously and skillfully maneuvered throughout the power structure of D.C. for the benefit of West Virginia and U.S. Congressman Rahall, in my opinion, has been given unfair criticism. Rep. Rahall’s track record portrays a sincere public servant that has served faithfully! 

Jack Platter Sr.


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