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October 25, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Friday, October 25, 2013

A bully is a bully only if you allow it

Having read the “Our Readers Speak” segment in today’s (Oct. 23) Register-Herald concerning bullies, I feel compelled to expand and compliment Mr. Blankenship’s article by adding my own observations. His article was titled “A bully is only a bully if you allow them.” How true his statement is and my experience allows me to add “A bully is a bully if parents allow them.”

My grade schools were of the kind where the students, parents, and teachers mostly lived in the same community, went to the same churches, etc.  

At only one of these schools was I bullied by someone whom I found it almost impossible to retaliate against. His mother was the teacher. If I did not fight back, I got beat up regularly. If I did fight back and left any marks of evidence on the perpetrator, I got punished for fighting. I did fight back at least once and left a few obvious signs on his features that I considered worth the punishment. I am eternally thankful that I was unable to obtain any weapon other than a stick.

Most bullies would not be bullies if they had a responsible, functioning family support system that did not tolerate those actions. But Mr. Blankenship is right. A bully is a bully only if you allow it, regardless of what or who the parents are.

Edward H. Lively


The tea party is true heart of Republicans

Although West Virginians are well known for their lack of erudition, I always thought that they made up for that somewhat by having good common sense. I was wrong.

In a state where around 80 percent of the population receives some form of direct aid from the federal government: Social Security, Social Security disability, SSI, Medicare, food stamps, etc., we have become a red (Republican) state.

All the programs listed above would not exist if it were up to the Republicans.

They have opposed these programs from their onset and are now working harder than ever to eliminate or at least weaken them as much as possible. Their latest attack on these programs has been blamed on the extreme right of their party, the tea party.

Don’t be fooled. The Republicans haven’t changed. The tea party is their true heart.

 They have recently been emboldened by the success of their candidates in the South, whose rise can be attributed to their constituents’ racist hatred for Obama.

Now West Virginia has aligned itself with these bastions of ignorance and hate, such as Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, et al. The very states with views we rejected, leading to the formation of our state.

Why West Virginians continue to vote against their own self-interest is beyond comprehension. If you can imagine West Virginia without the programs mentioned above, go ahead and cut your noses off to spite your faces and vote Republican.

Tom Rapp


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