The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

October 15, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Manchin, Obama need to resign from office

This is a copy of an e-mail I sent to Sen. Joe Manchin on Oct. 9, and I encourage everyone to send him an e-mail or call his office. He needs to get to work for the people.

“Sen. Manchin, When I heard the news that the families of fallen military personnel won’t get their travel to Dover, Del., death gratuity or funerals paid for is truly appalling to me. When I was on active duty with the West Virginia Army National Guard, one of my assignments was for fallen Army and West Virginia National Guard soldiers until I retired in September 2009.

I guess I am not surprised you have done nothing and support a president who blatantly disregards the U.S. Constitution and has no respect for our military.

When a West Virginia National Guard soldier was killed in action in Iraq, I notified your office when you were governor. We conducted his funeral at Arlington National Cemetery and you felt you didn’t need to appear, even though you were considered commander-in-chief for the West Virginia National Guard. So, I guess I’m not surprised you and other Democrats in the Senate back Obama and don’t care for our troops and their families.

As a note, you did not attend any funeral of any fallen West Virginia soldiers while you were governor. You and Obama need to resign your office, because you don’t fulfill your oaths of office. You need to be at Dover when these soldiers arrive!

Jack Bowyer



Both sides look bad in Greenbrier pool fiasco

The money to construct a pool was illegally given to the New River Community and Technical College Foundation by the Greenbrier County Commission. The foundation’s attempt to keep the money is reprehensible.

Why is the county commission equivocating? Why is it meeting with the foundation “to see what they have to offer”?

If the foundation looks bad, behaving as they do, doesn’t the commission look just as bad by not immediately carrying out the court’s implicit intention, not to mention properly representing the public interest?

Why has not the commission taken the foundation to court forthwith?

RD Blakeslee