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October 11, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Friday, October 11, 2013

WHEELING — WVU’s loss more newsworthy than Marshall’s win?

I admit I am not a football fanatic and never have been, but each Friday I look over the section titled “From the Crystal Ball” in the Sports section of The Register-Herald. Maybe it’s because the comics and Sudoku are also located in that section.

In the Oct. 4 edition, the crystal ball gazers had, for the most part, agreed on their choices. Everyone but Rusty Udy picked Baylor to win over WVU. All of the gazers agreed that Marshall would be the winner over UTSA.

I do not watch football on TV or attend any games, but every Sunday I am curious about who won their respective football games. I am a Marshall graduate and even considered attending this year’s homecoming game. I thought it might be fun to watch the Herd in action especially since the gazers had picked them to win. I have also read Marshall’s offense is outstanding again this year.

Now that I have laid the groundwork, I will state why I am writing this letter. I checked the headlines of the Oct. 6 Sunday paper. In the sports headline in large print was BAYLOR BREAKS WVU. Oh my gosh, didn’t I just state the pickers predicted that outcome? Where was Marshall’s victory? Oh yes, now I see it in very small letters BUT MARSHALL BEATS UTSA just below the big news of WVU’s loss.

I know Marshall was predicted to win, but really. WVU’s loss is bigger news than Marshall’s win?

I can’t believe the prejudice of this newspaper’s sports editor. The article that Gary Fauber wrote was informative, but no picture? The game WAS played in Huntington, only two hours from Beckley. WVU’s article from the AP had a not-so-attractive picture of Dana Holgorsen yelling at his team. Enough said!

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