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February 28, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Friday, Feb. 28, 2014

God is being cast out of our everyday lives

I thank God that West Virginia remains a conservative state.

There is a moral issue at large concerning same-sex marriage. There are still a large number of us conservatives who oppose this and do not equate it with women’s right to vote or equality for blacks as is often stated in news articles across this nation.

The main problem is that God is being cast out of our everyday lives and His Word (Bible) is being disregarded as a strict guideline for guiding our lives by His standards.

We continue as a society to set our own standards regardless of the consequences and it is quite evident to where this has led this nation. We are not progressing to a better society; we are regressing toward disaster.

God have mercy on us.

Sandy Dupree


Why do veterans have to pay for plates?

I’m writing this as a retired Navy veteran. After serving my country with pride, I have to ask why West Virginia veterans have to pay $40 to show we served our country with pride?

Other states give their veterans their license plates for free.

I was told that “plate rates” were set forth by our delegates in the House. My question for our delegates is a simple one (has to be because they are simple). Why do our state veterans have to pay to show the pride they took in serving their country? Haven’t our veterans paid enough already? And yes, I have contacted my “delegates” about this, but as expected, no response! 

I also want to talk about our attorney general fighting “our” Democratic so-called leadership.

Our attorney general, Pat Morrisey, is fighting corruption and the Democrats are fighting him for doing so? Just what are they afraid of? Whom are they afraid of? Come November, they had better be in fear of their jobs!

West Virginia was born out of the War between the States. Ask yourselves, do we really want another 80 years of “broken” promises and corruption from our “Democratic leadership”? Well, do we?

Woodrow Brackens


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