The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

October 18, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Friday, Oct. 18, 2013

Attention, doctors: Do you really care?

After several experiences, and talking with many people who have had similar problems, I have compiled a list of questions many people would like to ask doctors. I have also provided what I believe their HONEST answers SHOULD be.   

1. Why do you overbook patients? — I don’t care.

2. Do you know that as a rule, your patients usually wait 2 hours or longer to see you? — I don’t care.

3. Do you know that your patients sometimes wait in the exam room for 30 to 60 minutes before seeing you, in addition to the time in your waiting room? — I don’t care.

4. Do you know that many medical experts feel that people should avoid stress? — I don’t care.

5. Do you know that many people —  especially those afflicted with PTSD — get really stressed out from waiting an unreasonable amount of time to see you? — I don’t care.

6. Do you think you are being respectful to patients by making them wait so long? — I don’t care.

7. Do you know that people’s pets are shown more respect by veterinarians than their owners are shown by you? — I don’t care.

8. Do you think you might learn anything from question No. 7? — No.

9. Have you ever considered having your staff tell patients their approximate wait time when they sign in? — I don’t care.

10. Did you become a doctor because you care about people, or is it just for the money? — You figure it out.

Fortunately I have two medical providers whom these questions don’t pertain to because they are considerate, courteous professionals with whom patients don’t have any of the problems mentioned above.

Jerry Cline

Mount Hope

Thanks to Public Works for efforts on rail trail

My husband and I want to give our thanks and appreciation for the excellent work the Department of Public Works did on the branch of the rail trail leading down to the Public Works garage.

We are senior citizens and enjoy cycling. The new path is a lot of fun to ride because of the S-turn. We also are grateful to the department’s diligence in keeping the entire trail swept because of the excess leaves this time of year. They can make riding dangerous.

Again, kudos to all the staff at Beckley Public Works.

Sallie Richmond