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April 14, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Sunday, April 14, 2013

I would like to publicly thank Alpine Tree Service for saving our home.

I was cutting a massive white pine tree April 6 about 30 feet behind our house on Maple Fork Road. This tree was 2 feet in diameter and over 95 feet tall. The tree started falling back toward the house. I had three ropes tied off to it to force it uphill away from the house. The base was cut all but 1 and 1/2 inches and the three ropes were the only things that kept it from falling on the house at that time.

As time passed, the tree kept popping and leaning more and more. I was in trouble and needed help fast. I started calling around for help late Saturday morning and all I was getting were answering machines. All except one, Alpine Tree Service that had an actual answering service who got hold of the owner, Bill Bihler, to let him know of my dire situation.

He said he would come and look at it for me; however, he didn’t have a crew working on Saturday. When he realized the danger of the situation himself and mentioned it to some of his crew members, without hesitation two of his crew volunteered to help him.

Mr. Bihler and his crew told us from their experience, there was no earthly reason that tree had not fallen. Alpine simply amazed and astonished the group of friends and family who had gathered to support us in case the tree did fall on our home.

The Alpine crew themselves were very encouraging to us that they could save our house. They were very professional and very skilled. They were able to work up the tree with their massive boom truck cutting limbs until they got up high enough to top the tree and free the weight toward the house. They saved our home without a scratch, saving also the garage and chicken house on either side.

I again want to sincerely thank Alpine Tree Service for saving our home and the Lord for protecting those men and holding the tree there till they finished.

With Hearts Full of Gratitude,

S. John and

Jan Blackburn

Mount Hope

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