The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

March 31, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Sunday, March 31, 2013


Gun control won’t stop coming chaos

In response to William Flanagan’s letter of March 23, I would ask him and all readers: What are you going to do when complete chaos hits? And yes, it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.

All of you pro-gun-control people really don’t see the big picture. You may not be a believer in the prophecies of the Bible and others throughout history, but the day is coming when you will be subject to home invasions just for your food.

Mr. Flanagan commented on “some law enforcement officer,” in which most of us know whom you are referring to. You also stated you “were a past member of the NRA until they started backing the sale of assault rifles.”

Whether you and others want to face the truth is up to you; however, what will you do to protect “children, family” when you are invaded by criminals with 30-round clips and you only have seven?

I wholeheartedly support the statement of Sheriff Tanner on the issue of gun-control enforcement in our state. Do you actually think criminals will follow any gun-control laws? Do you actually think banning assault rifles will stop criminals from possessing and using them?

If our Second Amendment rights were truly taken seriously, we would have the right to own a huge cannon if we wished. If everyone in this nation actually carried a weapon, it would defer over half of the crimes committed every day. For example, on page 9A of the March 23 issue of The Register-Herald, there is an article of two teenagers who had possession of guns and shot and killed a 13-month-old baby by shooting him in the face. What would have been the outcome of that situation if the mother were “packing heat”? The small, innocent child more than likely would be alive today.

What you don’t understand is criminals will always have assault weapons; taking the rights of legal, law-abiding citizens to defend themselves by whatever means (including assault weapons) could be looked at as a form of genocide, not to mention suicide on their part, and you’ll never stand a chance against a gang of thieves, rapists and murderers with only seven shots in your gun.

And you speak about protection of children and families? Again, the day is coming. Are you really willing to give up your rights of defense by supporting the ban of rifles or pistols with over seven bullet clips, as well as the ability to shoot automatically? I am not willing. Once those rounds are gone, will you have enough time to reload?

Something for all pro-gun-control advocates to really think about.

It is the sole responsibility of a gun owner to keep their weapons locked up away from  children and whoever else is present. If there is any problem, it is that parents/guardians these days are not responsible and do not teach gun safety and handling.

Guns don’t kill; people do.

Candace Bryant