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March 2, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Sunday, March 2, 2013

All is not well with our beloved nation

If you are a person who watches and reads news from all sources, you will most assuredly come to the conclusion that all is not well with this nation. I’m not going to bash Democrats or Republicans here. I feel it is fast becoming us against both of them, all government. Fortunately, we still well outnumber them.

Watching current news in the Ukraine gives me some hope for our country. You have to admire a people who will literally throw the bums out after those bums break the law repeatedly.

I believe we as a nation have arrived just shy of an event horizon that will define us as a free country or one ruled by totalitarian bureaucrats who seize every bit of power for government they can.

Our government now views we the people as its enemy. The precipice we stand at and seem unable to turn around from, is one which, when crossed, will usher in a government that can and will control everything imaginable, restricting freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution.

It already treats us as potential terrorists, and I believe not for the reason of terror as we perceive it, but rather their terror that we will soon say enough and throw the bums out!

I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t believe there is a prayer that the country could unite and vote them out. They have divided us to conquer us.

This next presidential election will determine if that black hole lying in wait beyond that event horizon sucks us down into a vacuum of history void of a free United States, or elects people who want to defend the Constitution and restore freedom.

James Foster


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Our Readers Speak