The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

March 23, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Sunday, March 23, 2014

Voters must consider more than one issue

I have come to the opinion that the voters themselves are the ones who should be blamed for America’s problems.

They will cast their votes based on how a candidate voted on one issue, ignoring the destructive votes he or she may have cast for America and its citizens.

A good example of one with their mind locked on one issue was shown in the article written by Kayla Kessinger of Mount Hope.

She saw Rep. Shelley Moore Capito as a great friend to all West Virginia citizens, based on her vote on abortions, ignoring Capito’s votes, position on food stamps, decent wages, health care, unemployment benefits, etc.

Not concerned with the proven fact that these issues contribute to many decisions to have abortions.

Then we have those who feel all of the wasted time and money used to vote 50 times to repeal a health care law that most have never seen is a signal on where the smart candidates can be found.

Here I agree with the Republican governors who said those 50 votes were a waste, for they changed nothing and the law is here to stay.

They went on to say that time and money should have been used creating jobs and solving America’s problems.

After hearing how much time and tax dollars had been wasted on those votes (months of time and millions of dollars), I wrote to Sen. Jay Rockefeller about a repeal of the Affordable Care Act. He sent me a fact sheet on what a repeal would mean for West Virginians.

We all should know Rockefeller has always served the people of West Virginia with honor, and in no way can anyone convince me now that he is retiring he will do less.

Oh, yes, he also informed me that I could use my computer and visit http://www. to learn more.

If people would just take the time to check the records for the truth about the issues, we could make the influence of big money donations worthless and improve the lives of all.

James McGraw


Historical fear factor continuing today

Just a thought: There’s been a fear factor throughout history to keep the populace in fear of its own shadow.

Vampires, Balkans and Eastern Europe, 1800s.

Werewolves, Indo-European mythology, late Middle Ages.

Egypt, curse of the mummies, 3200 BC.

Salem Witch Trials, 1692.

America, 21st Century America. Fox News.

The Neo Cons are a bunch of religious, closed-closet zealots trying to end the world with war in belief they will rise “The Rapture” straight to heaven and bypass what the Son of God, Jesus, had to endure. Death and then resurrection.

Relief: All things are possible with the Lord “James Carville” joining Fox News.

Steve Kopa